A full-stack developer specialized in .Net platform with proven records of frontend development and has the ability to loosely couple different components.

A career started in frontend and continues as a full-stack developer. In this context, I convert designs into working interfaces with having pixel-perfect considerations. I proudly output hand-coded, cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly pages with working end-user Javascript functionalities regarding RWD and mobile devices.

Whilst gaining experience in frontend development, I have kept calm and carried on developing skills using .Net and C# on Azure. Having BSc Computer Science at Çankaya University, Turkey plus MSc Advanced Software Engineering at King’s College London, UK, I’ve been developing object oriented, secure and scalable softwares from e-commerce sites to content management systems to mobile apps.

Having a proven records of shipping several iOS/Android Apps, I keep improving my skills on mobile development with the addition of Swift. 

Hopefully these skills gained over 10+ years in the industry illustrates my flexibility to do range of tasks in any working scope. I’m  passionate about the software engineering and internet of things so that I welcome every opportunity!