A generalist software architect specialized in Asp.Net and Azure Cloud platforms with proven records of iOS mobile development and has the ability to loosely couple different components in a distributed system.

My overarching objective is to improve large cloud software systems through the development of best practices as well as the applying latest Computer Science principles. I’m a proven technical leader who likes to work on challenging engineering problems. I enjoy architecting resilient and scalable software systems.

I always believe leading by example and getting hands dirty is the best way of showing technical leadership. I have worked in many diverse software projects including Online Social Games, Autonomous Racing Car Simulation Engines, High Traffic Website Frontends, E-commerce Websites, iOS Native Apps and Cloud Native Apps on Azure.

Whilst gaining experience in software craftsmanship, I have carried on improving my Computer Science knowledge by having a BSc Computer Engineering at Çankaya University, Turkey and a MSc Advanced Software Engineering at King’s College London, UK.

I have started to dedicate my efforts on better software practices in native iOS and native Cloud software for Enterprise.

I’m currently Platform Architect at Poq to make app commerce bigger
then e-commerce.